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Fireweed is a plant with many valuable assets. It can colonize disturbed sites, even following an old oil spill. It grows in all areas of Canada from the most southerly to the arctic. It will continue to grow as long as there is open space, and stops once the trees are blocking the sun. The seeds lie dormant in the soil for many years waiting until the soil is disturbed again and they will quickly spring up and start the cycle all over.

Fireweed is noted in beekeeping journals as a significant plant source for honey production in B.C. It is the only flower available in our area that can be used to produce a mono-floral honey. Honey is derived from the nectar in the blossoms. Plant pollen is the bees protein source and is fed to the developing larvae. Fireweed pollen is a dark purple.

Fireweed honey is classed in the amber colour class of honey and is graded as premium. It can range from almost water white in colour to a light amber. We have produced honey in the same location for over ten years and have seen these variations in the colour. The taste however, remains the same.



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