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Fireweed Honey

Mountain Meadow fireweed honey is 100% pure, unfiltered, raw and harvested exclusively from fireweed in the Skeena Valley Area. Produced in Terrace, BC, Mountain Meadow Honey is never heated, filtered or pasteurized. Our process allows trace pollen, vitamins and active enzymes to be present. The area where the nectar is gathered is from isolated mountain locations with high elevations of 4,000-6,000 feet. Free from any pollution, pesticides and sprays makes this a truly unique honey.

Considered by bee keepers as "the Champagne of Honey" fireweed honey is known for it's pale colour and delicate smooth flavour.

To be certified organic in British Columbia the regulations require the location and beehives remain constant for 3 years. In order to produce fireweed honey our hives are moved into the mountains for the short fireweed season and then have to be moved out of the mountains before the winter, making certification impossible by current standards. However, because of our remote locations and high standards of quality control, we feel we do offer some of the best uncertified organic honey available. We are also actively pursuing regulation changes to address our beekeeping practices and recognize our unique variety of honey as organic.

It is Simply the BEST!

We are also makers of 100% Beeswax candles. Wax is rendered from the cappings as well as old comb and made into a variety of candles ranging from small tea lights and votives to 16oz pillars. Hand dipped candles and wax bowls are also available. Our candle wicks are made from organic cotton and do not contain lead.

One pound blocks are available as well for those of you who make your own cosmetics and soaps. For the archers among us, two ounce bars of wax for your string are available at any time.

Beeswax is a very highly prized commodity and is used worldwide in many items and processes. 

For prices and availability please call.

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